D.C. Central Kitchen

Every day, dedicated volunteers help us transform wasted food into balanced meals for our community.

D.C. Central Kitchen


DC Central Kitchen was founded in 1989 by young nightclub manager named Robert Egger. Frustrated and challenged by his volunteer experiences with traditional charitable responses to hunger and homelessness, Robert pioneered a new model aimed at liberating people from the conditions of poverty. Robert’s idea for a ‘central kitchen’ involved picking up wasted food (which people said was unwise), turning it into balanced meals for shelters and nonprofits (which people said was unsustainable), and using that process to train jobless adults in the culinary arts (which people said was impossible).

Organization Details

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We believe we will never feed our way out of hunger, because hunger is a symptom of the deeper problem of poverty.
We believe in the transformative power of a job, and that everyone deserves the chance to share in the dignity of work while contributing to our community.
We believe in building a more equitable food system that ensures access to healthy, dignified food and economic opportunity for all.